How to Survive in College: 10 Tips for the Freshmen

The school is over, and here it is – the adult life! However, it is time for college, which opens up a new chapter of your life – and it begins with adaptation. It is normal when, on your first day, you come to your class and you are absolutely shocked: you know nobody, do not understand what is happening and nobody is going to explain you anything. That is why we prepared 10 tips for all freshmen that will help you to adapt to a new place and make this new and alien student life not only unforgettable, but also productive.

Student in College

Do Not Be Afraid to Seek Help

Cannot find your classroom? Do not know where to buy a travel card? Do not understand anything in the documents and scholarships? The fact is that you are not alone, and there are dozens of people who can help you. In many colleges and universities, beginners even have a curator – a senior student who can show and tell everything to those who seek assistance. Do not be afraid to look stupid with questions like «Where is the dining room?» It is normal to not know this as it is your first time here. Nobody will laugh at you. In fact, most of the students are always ready to help the newcomer.

Test Your Luck by Doing some Unusual Things

It can be anything – a dance team, student television, chorus and even the cheerleading team. If you always wanted to try such activities, college is the best place and time. Nobody knows where you will find yourself. The college provides such opportunities that you probably did not have in school.

Try and Take Risks

Take everything from these opportunities: competitions, festivals, international exchange programs and much more, until you feel the true weight of the working days on your shoulders. Maybe this will change your life. You will learn how to plan your time in order not to run after the teachers during the exams. After all, it will be very unpleasant to be excluded simultaneously from the student TV, chorus and the volleyball team because you do not have Hermione’s Time-Turner. Time management should now become your best friend!

Be Active During Seminars

If everyone used to sit quietly on the last row of the desks at high school, then it would be better not to do the same in college and university. If you answer during the seminars and make yourself be heard, the teacher will remember you and you can get a chance to have a high grade.

Make New Friends

Make new friends, especially with the classmates and undergraduates. You will have to communicate for another four years with the first group. On the other hand, the second one will tell you everything about the teachers and share their notes and questions for the exams. It is also useful to know the activists and employees of the college or university.

Freshmen Students

Do Not Be Afraid of the Exam Period

No one has died from the college examinations. Yes, it will be more of them than during your school time – they will take place twice or four times a year, but it is not scary. If you keep taking notes, study during the learning process and start preparing in advance, you will not have to spend sleepless nights with the textbooks. Many groups have the practice of getting ready together: questions are shared among all, and writing answers becomes much easier.

Go to the Gym

It is simple: losing a scholarship due to the fact that you somehow decided that this is not an important thing is insulting and stupid. If you do not want to have a headache at the end of the year, then it is better to regularly attend the gym and swimming pool. In general, this is a great way to be in shape because physical education in college is not like the school one, and it most often follows the format of the free training or fitness.

Another Environment

First of all, your previous scores do not mean anything. Secondly, it is worth removing the words «lesson» and «teacher» from the vocabulary. Finally, studying is only your problem now. Mom will not be called to the principal, but you can easily gain worse problems. Self-sufficiency is the main characteristic of the adult.

Treat Everything Lighter

If you come down with a cold and end up missing one day, you will not be expelled. If you do not carry ten textbooks with you, you will not be expelled either. Even if you are late for a class, you can continue to study further. Try to find some common language with the professors, and everything will be fine. However, do not abandon your studies completely. Yes, the life of a student is great, but you should not forget about the lectures and working hard. After all, you are here for this, are you not?

To sum up, the time you get to spend in college is the best time. Enjoy it and try every activity you are interested in. School years have flown by too quickly, and it is impossible to freeze students’ life in time.

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