How to Find Motivation to Study and Write Essays

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Motivation is a powerful energy that can lead to success. Many students feel like they are stuck in college or that they cannot find inspiration to write their essays. Thus, they feel unhappy and depressed. Some of them cannot start working on their assignments and manage their daily routine. You can find some tips on how to organize your studying process here.

Why Should You Do That?

It is hard to find motivation. Yet, all learning specialists say: a motivated student has already taken a winning ticket for the race in which he or she participates. All the senses are awake in order to capture and memorize important points. His or her attention and listening skills are much better than those of a not motivated student. As this motivated student wants to pass exams or write an essay, he or she looks for the best learning strategies, even going so far as to focus on some subjects outside the program! The first results are encouraging: motivated students gain self-confidence and see their progress, they write high quality essays and even discover the pleasure of learning.

Building a Project That Gives Meaning to Your Work

Motivation does not magically appear every year in September right before you go to college. It is also not a matter of preferences for a subject: it is not enough to find History interesting to be motivated to study it. As education specialists say, every student needs to know what he or she is working for and why, what is the purpose and consequences of these actions in the future.

How to Do It?

First of all, whatever your level of education is, you should try to identify or specify your plans for the future. Where do you see yourself in three, five, ten years? This question also applies to those who have succeeded in studying, but simply do not know what they want to do later in college. Some students come to a career advisor to help them find out what exactly they want to do in college. The lucky ones already have a specific profession in mind: engineer, accountant, IT specialist, interpreter, etc. So, there are choices that you have to make in order to proceed with your life, and once you have made them, you should keep your purpose and this image of yourself in mind. Write down your goal and look at it when you feel discouraged or do not have the motivation to write an essay or deal with your home assignment.

How Can You Feel Like Home in College: Make Friends

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Motivation also depends on emotional and human factors outside of the studies themselves: if you start your academic year in a college where you have no friends, a few friendly contacts and no recognition from your teachers, you are at risk of feeling less and less motivated as time goes on. When I was a student myself, I came up with some conclusions and essential tips on how to be happy with your environment in college. At the beginning of the year, first year students do not know anyone yet, so remember to try your best and make some new friends! Do not feel uncomfortable to just meet your classmates and talk to them about their reasons to choose this college, which topics they prefer for their essays, etc. In conclusion, at the beginning of each year, take time to open yourself up to others and be engaged in some extra-curricular activities: sports, clubs, associations, music bands, the organization of cultural events, etc. You will feel much better in college and will be able to focus on your studies and writing essays.

The Hardest Part Is to Start

The previous parts were about some preparation steps. And now, how to start writing an essay and find enough motivation for it? If you are waiting for when you are going to feel motivated to get started, you are likely to stay at the starting point and not go anywhere for a long time. Why? Because motivation comes after action, after you started writing an essay or got involved in your project. This was the result of the research of the scientists specialized on education. For instance, let us say you sign up for some swimming lessons in winter. At the moment of leaving home, the idea of ​​being about to immerse yourself in the cold water may bother you greatly. However, after two hours of training, you finally feel like you are in great shape. Thus, you are motivated for the next lesson.

Be Strong and Start Doing Something Important

To start the engine of your motivation, you should simply start studying. For example, write the introduction for your essay. The closer you get to the goal, the more your motivation will increase. That is why moments like the beginning of the year, the semester, the day or the time when you have to go to work after classes are so strategic. Here, you should activate your strong will that will keep you from sleeping or playing games.

Set Small Goals

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To motivate yourself on a daily basis, finishing your project may not be a good enough goal as it is still far away. So, you have to set objectives for small successes, too. It is then necessary to divide the year goal (to finish your academic year, to get an internship in a big company, to know French, to write a final essay for 20 pages) into a series of small goals that will lead you to the big one: for the semester, for the month, for the week and even for a day. In big and successful companies, where the question of motivation also arises, employees are asked to set SMART objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and defined in Time. In your studies, always be realistic in relation to your abilities, whether it is increasing your average grade by 2 points or finishing the revision of a chapter. Always prefer the strategy of small steps with great ambitions: you gain small successes that increase your motivation.

Manage to Overcome the First Obstacles

Even the most motivated student cannot maintain the same level of involvement throughout a whole year. Tiredness, boredom, difficulty in learning, disappointments and doubts can become an obstacle to your productivity. However, if your chosen field of studies is the one you wanted to know more about, the road to success in college will always be pleasant, even though intellectual work itself sometimes involves painful efforts. Moreover, every discipline has some difficult elements; every occupation has its chores, its obligatory actions that involve hard work. A musician must play the instrument for hours and practice their skills, and the high-level athlete admits that he should suffer while training to achieve success. Do not give up your efforts (or your studies) when you face your first obstacle.

Reduce Your Efforts: Do Not Work at the Last Moment

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In order to be successful, but not exhausted from hard work, one should learn how to minimize his or her efforts. Avoid leaving studying for the last day before the exam. Instead, try to study regularly. It is also better to have short but frequent work sessions rather than long hours during which you are less focused. If you start studying, preparing for exams or writing essays in advance and you have a clear plan and small goals, you will overcome the obstacles one after the other while gaining confidence in yourself. It is like hiking in the mountains: if you look at the distance that separates you from the summit at the start, you feel defeated in advance. However, after starting walking, you slowly but steadily get closer to the goal, and you are almost surprised when you achieve it.

Use Available Tools to Get Motivated

This often happens in fall, as it is the time when there are dead leaves and bad weather, and students receive their first bad grades. So, pay attention and do not get overwhelmed by discouragement. You must know how to react to some failures in order to save your motivation. This is the time to analyze your mistakes and adjust your working methods. Both the colleges and the universities help students improve their methodology. You can even find interesting ideas for note taking, time management, memorization, personal or group work and tutoring on the Internet. For instance, you can download inspirational pictures and ideas for organizing your working place here. Know how to use all tools that are available to you. And while we have an ever-expanding range of resources, it is easier to find your personal motivation.

Be Prepared to Failures and Celebrate Your Success

Be prepared to face some bad results, and know how to make them a part of your development and road to success. Nothing in your life should be missed – notice every point to learn on your actions or mistakes. Look at your gains, congratulate yourself on the obstacles you have managed to overcome. Analyze how you achieved that, what is your most successful method to study and set a new realistic and easy-to-reach goal: read and learn the next paragraph well while staying focused for at least 20 minutes or review a difficult chapter. When you have reached it, congratulate yourself again. You can even celebrate by eating out, going to an interesting event or buying a small present. Your motivation will thus be growing gradually. You are not a loser, you are an amazing and wonderful person just the way you are. You will definitely achieve success, and we ask you only to believe in yourself. Just stand in front of the mirror every day and say: «Yes, I can!»


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