Convenient Jobs for College Students

Books and Notebooks

In order to not hinder your studying, give priority to jobs that have a part-time position. If you work more than 16 hours per week, any job unrelated to the field you are studying will strongly compete with the latter while threatening your overall success. Business people usually understand this. Popular companies have part-time contracts for students that can be adapted to their studying hours ranging from 3 to 24 hours per week. The hours can be spread over the week or weekend depending on the student’s schedule and the needs of the company. So, every student is able to finish their essays in time and still be successful.

A Job on Campus

Your college or university should be the first place you look for a job. Colleges and universities may recruit students for a maximum of 12 months. What can you do? You can help and give tips to new students, be a tutor, help library staff, be a part of the computer support team, be involved in social and cultural activities or even be connected to sports, work in shops on the campus territory, etc. You just have to ask your advisor for all options. You will be employed at a part-time position for the academic period. You will be able to work full-time between July 1st and August 31st. These jobs are open to all. Some universities also recruit students during the academic year for administrative work or help in the kitchens or restaurants.

My Personal Experience

I can tell you about my personal experience in college. I combined my studies and a part-time job on campus successfully. I worked as a cashier in the shop near my dormitory, so it was very convenient for me to get to the job in the morning. Also, I did not have many clients so I was just writing essays, dealing with my assignments and earning money at the same time.

Education Assistant

The job of a supervisor is another type of the available student jobs. You supervise students during school time. You are hired by the head of the school for the time of the school year. You will still have enough time to attend your university or professional training, to write essays and to prepare for your exams. To apply for this kind of job, submit your application to the faculty of your college and send your CV to the head of the school.


Children and Baby-Sitters

It is a pretty easy way to earn money, especially if you like children. But remember that it is also a job that requires taking a lot of responsibility. You can find young children at school or in the nursery, and volunteer to help their mothers – play with them, make sure they take a bath or have their meal. The job of a babysitter can occur during the day, the weekend or the holidays – all according to the needs of the parents. Usually, no diploma is required, as most parents just look for reliable, serious and responsible people who love to take care of children. If you speak a foreign language well enough, you can offer your babysitter services in Chinese or Spanish. This may help you earn a little more.


Maths, Physics, French, English, Computer Science, etc. If you are academically gifted, give classes for less experienced students and help them write their essays and finish their assignments. You can be paid between 15$ and 25$ per hour. Place an advertisement online, and who knows – maybe you will find your clients. You can also be a teacher with the help of your computer or laptop via online educational support platforms. The tutor fixes all prices himself or herself, and is paid by bank transfer within 24 hours.


Waitress in a Restaurant

You can consider it difficult, but some students like this option. You will have to open the restaurant, greet the customers, take orders, serve dishes or cocktails, prepare the drinks, etc. But beware – the pace of this activity is not sustained, as there will be irregular schedules quite often. You will be required to work late at night, on weekends or on public holidays. Another requirement is being dressed smartly, and you should also be friendly and smile to the clients because your attitude is very important. Like all jobs in the customer service sphere, it is most often remunerated hourly with some tips.

Sales Coordinator, Distributor of Advertisement

This job is connected to communication with people and your talent to present the product. You will have to promote a product on a stand in a large area, distribute advertisements for a brand in the street and deal with marketing operations. You will work mostly on Fridays and weekends. For example, the RedBull energy drink brand regularly recruits ambassadors, «Wings», for jobs of 15 to 20 hours a week.

Host or Hostess

Another sector that can hire students is the hospitality service. You can come to any host agency or contact them by phone. Usually, they recruit people all over the country at any time of the year for part-time jobs. The necessary qualities include the ability to be friendly, perfect speech, skills of foreign languages ​​and a beautiful smile.

Surveyor or Interviewer

In my opinion, it is an interesting job where you can get to know new interesting facts and be useful for the whole society. You will have to interview the targeted audience on a variety of topics based on a pre-established questionnaire, or you can also work in the survey institutes of the survey societies, studies and opinions. You work in the office from a calling platform. You can also interview people door to door while you work in the evening after classes. There is also an option to be a «mystery shopper»: you will have to visit a shop or a service company as an anonymous customer and provide feedback. These jobs often take the form of one-off assignments.

Bicycle or Car Delivery

 Pizza Delivery

Many young people work in the meal delivery services for some internet platforms to earn more money. Such companies promise flexible working hours, but you will have to provide the equipment: a bike or a car and a modern smartphone. Find out about all conditions before you get started. Give priority to those companies that offer you a formal employment contract.

We hope that our tips were useful to you and that you will find a job of your dream while still being successful in writing essays and find some time for a well-deserved rest. Good luck!


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