Be Productive and Deal with Essays in College or University

When the universe of higher education opens its doors to you, you are forced to adapt to a new way of studying that is unlike the one used in high school. So, you should organize yourself from the very beginning to get high grades while also communicating with other students and taking part in different activities, because it is the best time to do it. We understand that dealing with deadlines, exams and difficult information can seem very hard.


College Study Board Ideas

Any college requires great autonomy from its students, who must provide important personal work every day. That is especially true for writing essays. One of the best ways to grasp this is to get organized from the beginning of the lessons. Create your own scheduled revisions to avoid stress and foresee a long-term, regular and effective studying process.

New Methodology

Plus, it is worth spending hours on learning the courses in details and work hard to get the knowledge you need instead of focusing on just passing the exam. While being a college student, you have to do real groundwork, think for yourself and anticipate future courses. You have to learn to be self-sufficient because nobody will be there to take responsibility for you.

Revision Sheets

Make life easier by reviewing intelligently! For instance, you can purchase a card stock and use highlighters in your notes. These notes will be of great help for the last-minute revisions and will allow you to learn effectively while following the program on a daily basis. You will be more confident in your own abilities!

Sports Activity

To remain calm and productive, it is best to find a sports activity to practice outside or within the university itself. This physical activity will allow you to clear your mind. Depending on the type of university, a sports license may cost from 20$ to 50$.

A Healthy Diet

Fruits and Vegetables

You can also get good results by maintaining a healthy body. Avoid kebab sandwiches and pizzas every day and instead eat fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. Know that you can eat for cheap by going to various college restaurants. Keep your diet balanced and you will have less trouble concentrating right away. Sometimes, when students go to college and begin to live without their parents, it is hard for them to stay healthy, so pay attention to that.

Work Groups

Do not isolate yourself from other college students and working groups. Socializing in a new environment will help you greatly. It can also bring you enlightenment and friendship. Convenient as it is, this method allows you to do more work while saving precious time for sleep. And for many students, it is always more interesting and fun. For example, when I had to write an essay, I discussed my topic with my work group and found inspiration to start working.


Getting pocket money while attending college or university is possible! The university usually offers an opportunity to practice paid tutoring hours for the students of the third and fourth years of education. Do not hesitate to inquire about it at the beginning of the school year. If you are a student of the first year, you may benefit from it, too. Consider visiting some tutor centers, since nothing is better than filling in your gaps by learning from older friends. Remember that they were first-year students just like you at some point, so they can help you with your essay.

University Libraries

Huge College Library

Having trouble working effectively from home? Do you need a calm atmosphere to concentrate on writing your essay? Cannot study at the dormitory? The university libraries are made for that. Alone or with your colleagues, these places are conducive to work and research. You can also visit other libraries that are located around the city and find material for your studies there.

Get Involved

For your self-development and personal interest, the university offers an opportunity to spread political, social and cultural ideas through a newspaper or a student radio station. Be active and interested in the outside world.

Engage Yourself

Student life can be very interesting. You can find different college groups through some shared hobbies, for example, a music band, a dance class or an orator club. In addition to that, you can try to find opportunities to volunteer or inquire about some students’ exchange programs. For instance, my friend spent her first school year in the US, and the second year – in Australia. It is a great cultural experience. These points can only be a plus in your CV, and it also lets you know where you see yourself in future.

Going Out Every Evening Is a Bad Idea

Student Parties

It may seem fun to go to the cool student parties every day and get to know new interesting people, but your state will bring you back to reason the day after that, and you will realize that it was not a good idea. Enjoy this activity before school and during the holidays. However, during your school time, it is better to spend time on studying and writing essays – this way you will succeed!

Forget What You Thought You Knew: It is Different

The university is a place for the thirst for independent learning. And this point is often the cause of 50% of failures in the first half of the year. Students find it difficult to manage their working time alone. Here, you cannot rest easy: the university has nothing to do with the high school. Therefore, you should work hard to earn your grades and reputation.

Use Your Free Time Wisely

It is easy to miss some courses in high school or send your essay late. The situation in a university is different – a missed course can be fatal. So, do not waste your free time doing nothing. The university sets up this type of schedule in order to give you time for background work and research. Thus, if you want to have more than one or two hours of sleep at night before the exams, prepare yourself and learn the material in advance. The key to success is organization!

Considering Lectures as Optional Thing: A Common Mistake

All students have two different courses per subject: lectures and tutorials. Lectures are not compulsory, but they are more than necessary for the successful completion of the university course. For instance, you can use the information you got from lectures in your essay. Hence, do not consider these lectures optional; take everything the university offers you in your program. Do not just take notes from your classmates in order to save time. Taking notes is important during classes because it guarantees 50% of the general memorization of all information. That is why it is recommended to have your own notes. Everyone has their own way of taking notes, so it may be difficult for another student to read them as a result.

Do Not Try to Be a Misanthrope to Succeed

Still, do not stay locked up in the room with your books and fear of exams all year. Take care of yourself and give yourself some moments of relaxation. Socialization is also an important part of your student life, so find time for walking, visiting interesting events and taking part in different creative activities.

Pay Attention to Student Jobs, But Do Not Overload Yourself

Students benefit from being able to work in order to become more financially self-sufficient quite often. However, sometimes money becomes too attractive to young people who are eager to discover the world. That may lead to work taking over the studies. Students often underestimate the workload at the university and are quickly lost between student jobs and learning.

Reviewing at the Last Moment Can Lead to Failure

Many students start revising their notes and read books only a week before the exams. They feel free and as if they are on vacation, but it is an illusion! The investment of time required at the university is enormous. Above all, do not wait for the exams to gather all your notes and review them at the last minute. This will strictly lead you to nothing but disappointment and headaches because you will be too stressed from trying to memorize all material that has accumulated during the semester.

Be Goal Oriented and Know What You Want

When you arrive at the university, it is essential to know the reasons why you applied and what professional environment is destined for you in advance. The university is destabilizing because of its methodology which is entirely new for high school graduates who lack any supervision from their parents. Autonomy requires you to learn how to avoid wasting your time, provide material for background work by taking notes diligently and anticipate the next courses so as not to lose the thread of the program.

Make things easier for yourself to study at the university successfully and pass all the exams with our useful tips. Good luck!

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