Manage Time Not to Get Stressed with Essays in College

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Do you feel a constant lack of time? Do you procrastinate on the sofa and then try to do everything at the last minute? Then, you should know that you can manage your time by learning how to organize it.

Good Solutions from the Beginning of Academic Year

«This year, I decided to start playing sports!» – said Jenny. «And I will try to send my essays on time,» – Alex replies to his friend standing near the university. When you go back to school, and also when a year or a semester begins, it is the perfect time to revive your good resolutions. For instance, you can be better at organizing and using your time. Whether it is – your studies, your job or your age, you often tend to miss all the deadlines: «Oh, I forgot to send my email», «I had to call in», «I should read this huge book for my class tomorrow», «I should write 1000 words for my essay tonight», etc. In this article, we will give you a solution and help you send your essays before deadlines so you will not consider time as a tyrant who constantly dictates what you must do.

Time Can Be Your Friend

First of all, this solution consists of mentally changing your image of time: this dictator, that relentless master who oppresses you – you can imagine it as an ally, a joker or as an amiable servant who is ready to help you. How would you do that? By simply taking the control over your time back. Are not you the pilot of your life? Consider time as a tool that can help you achieve your goals. Are you tired? Your friend time has a wonderful weekend in store that can allow you to have a rest. Your exam or essay deadline is dramatically close? Your friend time can still offer you eight amazing days for revision of your books and notes.

Organize Your Plans

Either you let things accumulate in your brain and around you, or you organize them and decide that your brain is used to control your life so you can choose what you want to do, taking into account your environment, but also your abilities, your desires and your needs.

Organizing Is Noticing, Analyzing and Deciding

Okay, but how can you organize your plans? Since time is your friend, you have to give it clear indications: it is only you who controls your life. In practical terms, this means that you should list everything you have to do, and you have to include everything that need your time. List activities that you feel you need to spend some time on: working, studying, meeting with friends, organizing a party, playing sports, reading, taking dance classes, getting your bicycle repaired, going to some interesting events and so on. Remember to mention all things that clutter your mind and to gather everything physically in your notebook. You should do it so that you will not forget anything. It will not only help you have a general idea, but also but allow you to empty your head and begin to relax.

Decide What You Really Want to Do

The most essential aspect to consider is your priorities, and you can think about other activities only after determining your priorities. Just because a friend sends you a video, or because your mobile operator offers you an «irresistible offer», you do not have to agree. Having all your pressing matters written down in front of your eyes makes it possible to see that there are more important things. There are only 24 hours a day, so you have to make choices and sacrifices. Begin by setting your annual priorities: the regular activities you really want to succeed in, starting with your studies (writing essays, course paper and personal work)! Then the obligatory activities (transport, meals, sleep) and finally the ones you choose (sports, friends, free time).

Plan Your Activities in Advance

Time will be a very good friend if you tell it in what order to act in advance. A lot of tools can help you do this: schedules, planning courses, organizers, mobile applications, etc. Choose the most convenient one for you. You can make weekly schedules to harmonize work (for example, writing essays) and free time, and other types to properly organize your holidays with your friends, or for exam preparation and writing a final essay. The main advantage is that once an activity is programmed in time and well noted in the chosen tool, you can think of something else. An alert will remind you what you should not forget about.  Alternatively, you will get used to consult your schedule every morning. If it is planned and written down, it will be done. You will definitely be less worried and less stressed.

What If You Cannot Keep the Schedule?

People Having Rest

Do not hesitate to modify it slightly, give yourself some freedom. After all, you are the master of your time: it is necessary to do fewer things if you need more sleep or time to finish your essay before the deadline. Manage your time in order to be more efficient and less stressed. You have to know how to put things in the right order at the right time. You work better when you are feeling fresh and well-rested, so leave more time to write an essay, relax when you are stressed, sleep when you are sleepy, make yourself available for your friends and family, and so on.

There Are Also Things That Cannot Wait, So How to Prioritize?

We will give you some tricks. First of all, distinguish the urgent and the important: the urgent activity is a task that should be finished very quickly. It is a gift for the anniversary that is celebrated tomorrow, preparing for an exam that takes place in 8 days, shopping for the guests who are going to visit today, writing the essay if the deadline is tonight, etc. But there are also important things that you should not forget to plan in advance: starting your job search, taking steps to have your passport redone, starting reviewing your notes, writing an introduction for an essay. If you only do the urgent things, you neglect the important things that will quickly become urgent in turn. And you will always be running out of time!

Adopt Regular Rhythms or Routines

It is easier to do things if they are planned according to your job schedule on a regular basis: do sports once a week, visit your parents every Sunday, get ready for your classes every evening, look for material for your essay for half an hour every evening. If your activity is regular, you get used to the rhythm and it becomes a habit, the effort to get there is less.

Consider Your Personal Rhythms

Are you a morning person or an evening person? Do you need a lot of sleep? Do you like to take a break at noon or do you prefer to work «non-stop»? We are all different. Consider your biological rhythms in your organization and planning. And beware of activities on the Internet that make you lose the notion of time. This will help you avoid pressure and fatigue.

Take Care of Your Memory and Concentration

To stay focused, take regular breaks when you study and do not spend several hours on the same subject without stopping. Similarly, it is better to learn information in several close steps rather than to want to learn all at once. So plan your work sessions astutely and learn to use all available time. For instance, you can use a long Sunday afternoon to write an essay, to find time to re-read your notes or to do quizzes, to read a book, etc.

For Students: Why Should You Organize Your Time and Study Process?

Student Studying

If you are a student, good time management can allow you to study more regularly, and therefore – get better results, to have better concentration when you work and memorize faster and better. Also, you will keep your entertainment, rest, sports, work and study time in balance, which makes it possible to do more things. Finally, you will feel less stressed, more peaceful and more available for your friends and family.

Do You Want All This?

It is true that achieving this balance in extremely difficult, especially when you are tempted to multiply the activities. Moreover, there are many tools for entertainment that are offered by the web (video games, movies, social networks) which can be time-consuming and disconnect you from real time.

Carpe Diem: Take Advantage of the Present Time

When everything has found its right place in your work plan, you only have to taste the grace of each moment. When you are in the office, in college, in a meeting, you must concentrate on your work, put all your strength in it and try to leave out other concerns. When you share a meal with your family, enjoy this moment and be interested in what your children, spouse or parents have to say. When you walk in the street one beautiful autumn morning, enjoy the sunshine that gilds your face. More often than not, we do not feel the present moment because we are living in another place, space and time. We care about what happened or what will happen. But the past cannot be changed and the future is largely unknown to us. On the contrary, you can act and devote all your attention to the present moment. The quality of your relationships, studying, work and your internal state will benefit a lot from it!

You Need Some Time to Change

Time sometimes seems long, empty and useless. We often want things to go faster. We want everything and right away. Luckily, the rhythms of body and nature remind us that we should be given some time to grow. It takes months for the seed to germinate and turn into the plant. That is why those who grew up in the countryside have a better sense of time. A long and seemingly useless period of time can be very valuable to help us prepare for an event. If you are impatient, use your time productively and learn something new, rather than get upset because you are «losing your time». Think more about preparing yourself for important things.

Studies in Law College: What Is So Special About Essays on Law Topic?

Lawyer with Documents

Here, all future and current students will find some advice which they should follow to avoid the traps in this field of studies. First and foremost, there is good news and bad news: the good news is that the first year of law studies is the easiest. The program is less difficult than it will be the next year. However, the bad news is that the pass rate for the first-year exams is one of the lowest. In the best law universities, it ranges between 30% and 35%. But you should not be alarmed – it simply means that you have about one in three chances to succeed. Still, it is imperative that you are aware of the need to go beyond the minimum which is required for your year. For example, you should aim higher than the average score of 10/20.

Why Should You Work Hard?

Indeed, if you want to go far in your studies of law, it is essential to get the best grades possible. Your admission to a Master’s program in the future depends directly on the quality of your previous score. The better grades you have, the more chances you will have to get the Master’s program of your dreams. While it may seem surprising to start the student race from the first year onwards, you should know that some Masters programs require a minimum of 3 or 4 honorable mentions – that means that you should finish each of your years of studying with honors. So, it is better to start thinking about it as soon as possible. Now that your goals are clearly set, here are our tips that should help you achieve them.

Attend All Lectures and Tutorials

The first advice we can give you is to attend all lectures and tutorials. All information and knowledge that is given during that time is very important. This may seem contradictory, but you should know that not attending a lecture will cause you to lose much more time than attending. Why? A lecture or a tutorial lasts, for instance, 3 hours. And of course, there are several lectures per day. If you decide to skip a class, you will free up to 3 hours in your schedule, which will be more or less beneficial, depending on whether you use them to play on your gaming console or to write an essay. However, you will have to catch up on this information from the course that you did not follow using the notes of another student, which implies either copying the notes (and copying the notes takes much longer than writing directly while listening to a professor because you have to decrypt a note-taking system of another person) or taking a picture of everything to look through it later, which is rather time consuming since you read the information which was written using a system much different from the one you are most likely used to.

More Problems

In addition to that, you will soon face two difficulties. First of all, it will be difficult to find students who are friendly enough to give their notes, because most of them do not wish to help someone who did not attend a class. Then, assuming that you did find someone who was kind enough to help you, you would have to trust the quality of the notes that have been given to you. Many first-year students do not know how to take notes. You need to understand that the best students with really good notes are generally those who refuse to lend them to you, considering that they do not have to give other students the product of the efforts they have made to remain seated for hours in an overheated classroom to write dozens of pages while disregarding the wrist cramps. Consequently, it is very likely that the students who agreed to lend you their notes are not the most serious in their endeavor. In conclusion, do your best to attend all the classes – especially all tutorials. A lot of colleges will make you repeat the course if you have been absent more than three times.

Work Regularly

The second crucial piece of advice is to work as regularly as possible and not to delay anything. It seems obvious, but remember – simply having knowledge without any work means nothing. Talent is only the result of the sum of your intellectual capacities and the work that has taken place to develop them. Until now, infused legal science has never been demonstrated. In other words, you can have a great deal of intellectual capabilities and have perfect legal logic, but you will still face failure if you do not develop any further. A number of students who had brilliant results in high school fail in the field of law because they refuse to work enough to acquire and deepen the legal knowledge. It is therefore essential to work from the beginning of the year and on a regular basis.

What Should You Do?

In practical terms, this means that you will have to systematically learn all the courses and prepare your essays and assignments as soon as possible. All this results in busy days! Generally, your law studying rhythm revolves around 60 hours of work per week, and if you want to work for only 35 hours per week, then this area of studies is not meant for you.

Working in a Smart Way

Working regularly is one thing, but how to work well and productively? This is a very important issue. Too many students fail while still working enormously by writing dozens of essays. The issue is that they work ineffectively. In reality, they give the impression of working by doing tasks without thinking. For instance, many students tend to rewrite the notes they have already taken. It may seem like a good way of memorizing things, but only if they look through the most important courses. Nevertheless, copying your notes without a second thought and in front of the television has little to no use. You should pay attention to the contents while you are writing an essay.

How to Study Effectively?

It is important to review the information on a computer and to take advantage of it to find out more data on points that have not been understood or badly rated. It is useful to take a course on a computer by deepening it, understanding it and learning it. Once again, we are giving you a very important piece of advice: before you learn the law or write an essay on a legal topic, you have to understand it. You can remember something well when you understand it well. When you think of the logical sequence of information, you no longer need to learn it by heart. On the other hand, memorizing the information that you do not understand and that is not clear enough to you is the best way to forget it in the next days.

How to Memorize Information Quickly and Productively?

Memorizing Information

We keep telling law students that there is no use in learning the articles of the legal codes by heart while not understanding absolutely anything of their true meaning to write an essay. It is enough to refer to the code in which the legal article is to know the exact content of it. However, we are not saying that learning by heart is completely ineffective in law. As in any other matter, it is necessary to acquire the knowledge to write a decent essay. But it is a question of acquiring this useful knowledge, or in this particular case, the legal principles and their application in jurisprudence. All of that should be definitely mentioned in your essay. Still, being able to recite the 2534 articles of the Civil Code serves mainly to amaze your friends, even though we are not sure that someone will bother to listen to you to make sure you are not lying. If you have not heard of the last fundamental legal case of the Court of Appeals, you will not be a good lawyer.

Mastering Computer Skills

Computer Apps

Any computer is a lawyer’s best friend. It is therefore important to know how to master all required computer skills. As a law student, you will be asked to use some word processing software to type your essays, your assignments and preparations for the tutorial sessions. In general, having your homework and essays on a computer is always more pleasant as it allows carrying everything around on a flash drive. This way, you can work anywhere. The advantage of resuming a course on a computer is that it makes it possible to reread the information and redo some reasoning examples, thus proving that you have a better understanding of it. From a practical point of view, it also makes it possible to reuse any information of the course which was already written during the preparation to tutorial classes (the copy-paste method saves valuable time). For students who have laptop computers and who can type fast enough, it is even possible to take notes directly on the computer and only to edit them at home.

Advantage of Having a Computer

The advantage of the computer is that you can organize the information better by moving the sentences in any order, which is impossible to do when you keep these notes on paper. Also, you can use the Internet to find additional information, as there are many free Internet websites for lawyers where you can quickly find a lot of data and keep up to date on all legislative, regulatory and jurisprudential news via email alerts. Use the computer’s hard drive to sort and archive legal documents and information, because there is a lot of documentation and the computers are convenient to easily archive and carry it with you. In addition to that, you can use a printer to work with the stored materials freely. Moreover, you can use a spreadsheet in a specific tool. It is not compulsory, but it will allow you to make tables directly in your notes and it will help you in the preparation for your exams, allowing you to see your advanced average in a precise manner. On the other hand, you may be able to familiarize yourself with the software of calculations of different fees that you will use when you will be a real lawyer later on.

Go to College and Start Living on Your Own

We hope that our tips will help some first-year students with their adaptation to college. We will explain the main points that are different from what you had to deal with before. This will help students to adapt to student life. No longer living with your parents is a great change in everybody’s life. More than 80% of college students leave their parents’ house for the first time. This freedom confronts them with responsibilities they did not expect.

Problems You May Face

For instance, as early as in the beginning of the academic year, there is a question of food: how to motivate yourself to cook when you live alone? How to have a balanced diet while respecting a tight budget? If you are going to rent a room, you should arrange to install electricity or telephone. There are some administrative tasks which some students are completely unaware of. Then, they also have to learn financial autonomy: how to manage their budget over a full month while being financially dependent on parents? There can be studying problems – for example, how to write a specific type of essay properly?

Living on Your Own Changes Life

House Interior

Studying in college differs greatly from studying in high school. How to resist all temptations, like your computer and bed, and still have the motivation to study? How to manage cleaning the house, cooking and doing laundry while studying regularly and successfully? How to combine education, work and entertainment? These are the subjects we are going to talk about. We realize that some students also have problems with motivation: they wonder how to motivate themselves to get up in the morning and go to bed at night, how to go to college and write essays. Or, alternatively – how to feel good when they find themselves alone, at night or on weekends.

Why Do People Find It Difficult to Adapt?

Big Group of Students

Quite often, your college will be far away from the family house. And it is not only the parents who are away, but also the home city and friends from high school or even childhood friends. It means being away from the environment that has been supporting them for many years. Leaving the parents’ home is very exciting, but it can also cause concern and anxiety. At the beginning of the year, you definitely have a big amount of work you will have to do to reach the level required in all the subjects. And even though it may seem as if it is not the most important thing in your life as a teenager, you have to understand one thing: when you move to another city and enter new environment, the question you ask yourself is how you are going to make friends. Classes are important, but before the first exams, it is really secondary.

Why Is Being Supported by Friends Important?

During high school, you knew other students for several years. There are not so many people, so you could get to know them in the first weeks. At college or university, students take many classes in big rooms, sometimes with up to one hundred of people, and classes are rarely held with the same group. Also, there are new types of essays to write. This generates a sense of anonymity that puts many students in a difficult situation: how to communicate with others? How to keep your friendships and relationships which were formed during high school while finding the time to create new ones? Finding a group of friends with whom you can feel comfortable should remain your priority. There are going to be many changes related to the course contents, assignments, writing essays, new demands of teachers and the difficulties of everyday life that you will have to overcome, so the support of a peer group is essential to surviving through it all.

A Large Number of Students Still Suffer from Loneliness

There can be different issues, for instance, a student recently told me that she regularly forgets to eat at home. The stress from exams sometimes leads to lesser involvement in her school work. She does not pay any attention to the time that passes, which is usually observed among those students, who start their revision of notes just a few days before the test. But it is often the difficulty of managing loneliness that leads many students to retreat as much as possible when they return home. Usually, while in their parents’ house, they shared the meals with other members of their families. And now, what is the point of spending time preparing a meal that they will have to eat alone, in front of the TV or the computer? The abovementioned student found an ingenious trick to solve her problem: twice a week, she agreed with her neighbor to share a common meal. Once it was he who cooked for them both, and it was her turn the next evening.

Bad Example of Being a Student

Many teachers and parents believe that the time students spend «going out and having fun» is a sign of their lack of maturity, and it is harmful to their studies. This analysis is only half-true. Going out every night offers immediate pleasure, but most students are keen to succeed in their studies. What is the value of «celebrating permanently» if it is the price of a possible failure at the end of the year in college and failing the essay deadlines? Students who find themselves involved in everyday parties and alcohol, who no longer manage their sleep and fail to regulate their pace of life, are mostly those who face difficulties in other ways or other areas: difficulty in understanding, difficulties in managing significant stress due to exam pressure or lack of self-confidence even after several months of adaptation. Some may also be demotivated because the content of the lessons does not correspond to what they previously imagined, which leads them to progressively question their professional orientation in life.

Looking for Accommodation

There are different options for accommodation: every student chooses the one that suits him the best according to his or her needs and personality. Living with the family (with uncles or aunts, grandparents) allows, if possible, to make an adaptation period easier and to get used to the student life step by step before losing motivation. Student dormitories can also be a good compromise. You will be staying in a single room while still being surrounded by students who have to study and who are committed to finding their own path. If necessary, there is no need to go far to find help. On the other hand, even though some dormitories are very calm, many others are the place for constant student parties. If you like working alone and your concentration is dependent on your environment, a dorm may not be suitable for you. Still, there will always be some time to work in the library.

Renting an Apartment with a Roommate or Alone

You can still choose a roommate and rent an apartment with them. However, it is essential to find the roommate with a similar lifestyle to avoid further arguments. At that time, you do not know how to work together on a daily basis, but with time, a lot of experiences will present themselves: sharing tasks, organizing meals, tolerate noise, have common space, etc. Finally, some students are very comfortable with renting an apartment alone. They like to organize themselves and enjoy the fact that they have no responsibilities and duties concerning their schedule of getting up and going to sleep, the meal menu, the housekeeping or the curfew time that they have to share with anyone else. Nevertheless, living with someone may introduce some constraints, but it also offers security. Moreover, you also can discuss anything together, for example, your essay topic. In any case, you can change your accommodation at any time.

Where Can You Get Support?

Support Group

What can you do if you feel overwhelmed or face difficulties and feel pressure from essay deadlines? It is really vital to know how to identify your problems when you face them so you can ask for help properly. Your family should be the first people you can turn to, such as parents and other relatives (grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings). But you should not forget about your friends and students who have more experience than you. However, some specific problems are difficult to solve with those who know us too well. Many students are also afraid to try, and sometimes lock themselves into a position that isolates them. You should know that professionals are always there to help you find the resources that will be useful to you. These people will support you depending on the difficulties you face. In special places, you will be able to meet doctors, social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors or nurses who will be able to accompany you and give you a free orientation course.