Student Arsenal Blog: If You Think You Are Ready to Learn the Truths

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Could you live your life without learning new things? No, no, I do not mean those basic skills like walking, eating or tying shoelaces, though they are really important. We are now speaking about more complex things like writing college essays, learning Asian languages, providing first aid, or whatever you would like to be brilliant at.

So, what do you think? To me it seems simply unreal. And in this blog my team and I are going to prove it!

If you are one of those who allow themselves not to do anything only when they are sleeping, you will find a lot of interesting and helpful tips on making your student life even more fulfilling. If you are prone to regular attacks of student melancholy, catch a great chance to arm yourself against them with the effective weapons our team are going to provide for you here.

Let us have a look at the local arsenal together and see whether it can stand you in a good stead one day.

  • Academic and non-academic writing principles and techniques to succeed in all life battles

These days folks pay quite significant attention to the way their students, partners, potential employees and friends play with words in essays, letters, messages and blog posts. It all may sound rather messy and complicated, but we are going to make out what is what and how to deal with different types of texts without pain and sorrow.

  • Sciences and languages to broaden your strategic horizons

If you own the information, you own the world. These days Google will offer you several authors of this quotation. Still, whoever was the first to speak these words out or write them down, that human knew the value of knowledge. So, in this blog we are going to explore different fields of human activity and discover amazing facts to upgrade both the hard drive and software of your brain.

  • Super powerful telescopes to look courageously into the future

It is difficult, I know. Who of us can boast that they see their future life clearly? I mean career, family life, annual vacation on the Seychelles Islands and the like. Well, most of us cannot. And this fact cannot but prevent us from wishing more than an average human does, from wishing more than we ourselves believe we are able to do. But I think it is not fair, so my team are going to show you how to fight doubts and where to look for opportunities. The battle is going to be hot but worth it!

  • Critical, analytical and creative thinking tactics

So many educators are talking about such skills. So many employers are including them in job requirements. But do they all know what on earth critical or creative thinking implies and how these two types of thinking differ? We have approached this issue seriously, done some research into it and come up with really interesting conclusions and solutions.

  • Personal development armament

Creativity, flexibility, inquisitiveness, readiness to take a risk and step out of your comfort zone are just a few of the whole, seemingly endless, list of qualities you are expected to have provided that you plan to be a successful member of this society. We are going to find out how to develop these qualities as well as where and why you will need them. Get ready to update your knowledge and skills!

  • Ammunition for successful communication

Here it has an absolutely positive connotation. We are going to speak about different types of relationships and strategies to manage them both harmoniously and beneficially. In our world being an understanding and flexible interlocutor, able to listen but seeing the personal purpose of the talk clearly, means a lot, not only for your own good but also for the peace on our planet.

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A Few Words About the Local Authors

We are experienced writing coaches, editors, journalists, translators and researchers. Our team members travel around the world, participate in numerous projects and believe that life is actually a great thing when you approach it from the right angle.

The Student Arsenal Blog Project takes its roots from our guys’ first amateur blogs, launched when we were undergraduates, wore cheap pink glasses and waited for the Miracle to find us on this planet once. Today each of us is involved in rather different spheres of life, some of us are even doing doctoral degrees (crazy guys they are!), we wear more expensive brand glasses and work miracles by ourselves.

Hope, you will enjoy visiting our Arsenal Blog and find what you need to fulfill your goals!